pride_masthead_2.jpgWhat is P.R.I.D.E.?

The Kansas Pride Program is a citizen-based approach to improve the quality of life in the more than 60 enrolled communities in Kansas.  Since 1970, the Pride Program has grown and evolved, like the Kansas communities, to meet their ever changing needs.  Pride has assisted and encouraged communities to prepare for the future by building on their past and forming a vision of the future.  The constant challenge to remain viable and provide a high quality of life can be achieved through the comprehensive Pride approach.  Pride encourages citizens to work together to identify community improvement projects.

The program is co-administered through the Kansas Department of Commerce and K-State Research and Extension.  Kansas Pride Inc. is a nonprofit organization.

Dan Kahl, K-State Research and Extension program coordinator, Jamie Menon, Senior Administration Assistant, Sherry Davis, project coordinator and Jeanne Stinson, Community Development division for the Kansas Department of Commerce are a few of the dedicated Pride Program Staff available to communities to assist with planning and resource identification.

 Each year the Pride Program gives out two awards, first is the Star Award which recognizes outstanding projects that address a community need, a higher level of citizen involvement and enhances the quality of life in Kansas.  The second of these awards, the Community of Excellence Award, is awarded to communities that are following a community improvement process.