pride_masthead_2.jpgOlsburg Community PRIDE

The City of Olsburg joined the PRIDE Program in 1979 but never extended its enrollment, then re-enrolled in 2001.  In 2002, Olsburg won the Community of Excellence Award for a variety of projects.  Several fund raising events were held to help fund the annual summer festival; welcome signs erected at the city limits were embellished with the Swedish Dala Horse.  Also in 2002 the Olsburg Community Pride organization came together and painted the house of a deserving resident.  In 2006 the Community of Excellence Award was awarded to Olsburg for their monthly newsletter which reflects the pulse of life in the community.  The Olsburg Pride Newsletter promotes new and existing businesses, links residents to service providers, offers news on community events, welcomes new members into the community (including birth announcements), shares historical events and perspectives and celebrates and mourns the events of life of the community.  Over 300 Pride Newsletters are sent out each month as one of the many projects this motivated, broad thinking group utilizes to hold the attention of the community. 

Also in 2006 Olsburg Community Pride was awarded the Star Award for their “Olsburg Community Swimming Pool”.  The Olsburg Pride decided that a pool would be a safe and healthy way to occupy the leisure time of the children in the community during the summer break from school.  A $50,0000.00 private donation started the fund raising effort.  Olsburg citizens quickly joined in planning events to raise the additional $33,000.00 needed to complete the pool project.  Community members put in hundreds of volunteer hours working on all phases of this gigantic undertaking.  The residents of this small, but mighty city opened their pocketbooks and gave from their hearts to make this pool a reality. 

The pool staff offers swimming lessons and healthy water aerobics.  The pool also provides summer jobs for teens and adults alike. 

Olsburg Community Swimming Pool has proven to be a considerable asset to the community as a place for birthday and graduation parties, family reunions and as a location for people to interact during social events. The pool draws patrons from several surrounding communities who take advantage of swimming lessons, water aerobics, adult swim and of course numerous children, adolescents and young adults who enjoy the social aspect of experiencing the pool.

2007 brought a new challenge to Olsburg Community Pride as they decided it was time to update the city park and replace the sand under the existing playground equipment.  After visiting a neighboring community, Onaga, Kansas, seeing their new playground project and doing some research on bedding materials, a choice was made to use recycled tire mulch under all playground equipment.  At the 2007 Olsburg Summer Festival, Pride launched series of fundraisers for the park project. To see photos of the City Park Project click here.

Naturally, the initial ideas for park improvements snowballed and soon the decision was made to update the whole park.